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ISG Provider Lens™

ISG Provider Lens™ is subscription based program on provider intelligence with insights on service provider services or technology strengths and weakness and how they are positioned relative to their peers in the market. ISG Provider Lens™ will produce ISG Provider Lens™ Archetype Reports and ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Reports.  ISG Provider Lens™ Archetype Reports are not perspective nor rank based but this global report helps align buy-side needs with provider-side capabilities. These Archetype reports represent ISG Advisor perception of enterprise client buying patterns.  ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Reports are specific to US region and in this report, vendors/ providers are evaluated and positioned, based on transparent methodology.

These reports provide influential insights accessed by our large pool of advisors who are actively advising outsourcing deals and large number ISG enterprise clients who are potential outsourcers. 

About ISG Provider Services

ISG Provider Lens™ Annual Plan 2017

Our 2017 research agenda will provide continuous research and covers both ITO and BPO areas. To view and participate in this program, click here to download the 2017 Research Agenda.

ISG Provider Lens™ Report: Contact Center Outsourcing

New ISG Provider Lens Report - ADM Trends and Provider Positioning

Provider Lens Report: Aligning Digital Workplace Requirements with Services and Solutions

ISG Provider Lens™ Report: Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) Services

Meet the analysts

Jan Erik Aase


Luis Praxmarer


Namratha Dharshan

Research Manager

Ashish Chaturvedi

Team Leader

Mrinal Rai

Team Leader

Pankaj Kulkarni

Team Leader