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Shared Services

Global organizations must continually adapt to changing market and economic forces that create unique needs in the transaction processing, IT infrastructure and Human Resources management to successfully manage, grow and improve their businesses.

Shared Services solutions provide an ever-widening range of options for increasing bottom-line efficiency and promoting top-line innovation. Our consultants are prepared to apply their experience and creativity to help you craft a Shared Services strategy to provide unmatched advantages in cost of delivery and innovative Finance and Accounting (F&A), IT, and Human Resources (HR) support for your core business.

Shared Services often provide a smart alternative for companies seeking the savings of consolidation, standardization and optimization of transaction processing and management reporting while shedding operational risk and remaining closely involved with strategic alignment decisions.

Balancing these shared service benefits is often challenging. We help you develop a detailed understanding of the tradeoffs between Shared Services solutions, and the way internal corporate and external market factors are likely to affect alternative outcomes. Most importantly, we work hard to create an inclusive, cooperative framework allowing the best IT and managed outsourcing solutions to emerge.

So what sets us apart from our competition? Our FastSource™ methodology and our integrated series of Sourcing Alignment System (SAS™) facilitated sessions delivered by our consultants.

We bring you the experience and creativity needed to envision new, efficient types of service models and governance structures. And the unparalleled ability to create a climate of collaboration and innovation that drives the structure of every Alsbridge deal.

"I could not have asked for a better team dynamic than Alsbridge brought to the table. They came into the engagement with an easy working style that blended right in with our commercial and financial groups."
– Director of Commercial Management, large IT services company