ISG Imagine Your Future® Podcast – Episode 17: The New Future of Work

Over the past six months, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the way people work. For some, this may be temporary, but for others it marks the start of a new working era – one enabled by technology and innovation and driven by the need to approach work differently. Things that people might have previously considered impossible or impractical have become the norm – video calls, virtual events, collaboration platforms and freelance working are here to stay and are driving how we work and do business like never before. The daily commute and physical presence at the office may not quite be things of the past, but they are no longer the accepted norm. The shift to working from home has allowed workers to reassess work-life balance and presented them with new challenges around how to accommodate their work and personal lives in the same space.

This month, host Barry Matthews talks to journalist, podcaster and campaigner for freelance workers’ rights Anna Codrea-Rado and Phil Scone, Director, Digital Strategy & Solutions at ISG as they discuss the implications of the past six months on the world of work. Tune in to hear their conversation about the new future of work – how working practices, organizational structure and corporate culture will be influenced, and their vision of the role technology will play in the new working world order.