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ISG GovernX® - Transform Supplier & Contract Management


ISG GovernX® is a ground-breaking digital managed services solution that allows you to monitor contract performance in real time, address issues on the spot, mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance and foster greater collaboration among your suppliers.

Create a single source of truth.

Perform meaningful analysis on real-time governance data through interactive dashboards that drill directly down into transactional data elements.

ISG GovernX® is an innovative managed services and risk lifecycle management platform developed by ISG with the latest technology from ServiceNow, Automation Anywhere and IBM Watson. ISG GovernX® allows you to reimagine the way you manage your suppliers.

Optimize Value in Third-Party Supplier Relationships 

ISG GovernX® combines industry best practices, state-of-the-art technology and expert supplier management support to maximize supplier value and optimize operating expense.

ISG GovernX® brings together the power of AI, chatbots, deep learning and analytics, industry-leading business practices and automation to manage your supplier and contract lifecycle.

ISG GovernX® integrates relationship, governance, risk and compliance to make your GRC and VMO operations more efficient. By enabling close tracking of deliverables and obligations (D&O), ISG GovernX® prevents value leakage of third-party supplier operations. Having spend, performance, contract compliance and change data at your fingertips will empower your organization to transform more rapidly and stay ahead of the competition.


ISG-GovernX-GIF2-Change-Requests Improve performance for better business outcomes.

Manage your entire portfolio of contracts, continuously monitor and evaluate performance, risks and issues, and integrate seamlessly with financial, procurement and other business applications to drive cohesive decision-making, enhanced collaboration and better insights.


Turn Contract Complexity into Cohesion and Control Risk

You depend on a complex environment of third-party contracts, from sweeping multi-service agreements to renewable software licenses. To get the most out of those contracts – and to make sure you get what you pay for – you must manage them carefully. But doing it right can be tedious and expensive.

ISG GovernX® simplifies contract compliance by offering a single web-based interface for cognitive data extraction, industry-leading knowledge base, a document repository, alerts, workflows and intelligent dashboards. You can quickly scale from one to many contracts allowing you to proactively manage relationships, commitments and accountability. 




Improve decision-making.

Manage and measure relationships objectively, and enable fact-based decision-making, rather than relying on subjective perceptions.

From onboarding to exiting of suppliers, and from assessing to monitoring and mitigating risks, ISG GovernX® gives you what you need to effectively negotiate and manage contracts. All of this power comes with mobility-enabled and seamless integration with organization communication channels (including email, Dropbox, etc.).

ISG GovernX® brings risk, spend and compliance information together into one powerhouse for deeper insights and enhanced decision-making for your vendor management, contract management and third-party risk management systems.


ISG GovernX® Offerings

Technology Option

Option 1

ISG GovernX QuickStart™
Standard Out-of-the Box
  • Maximum of 5 relationships / contracts
  • Remote coaching and implementation support
Functionality: Contract Administration, Obligation Management, Invoice & Service Level Management, Document Management.
Option 2

ISG GovernX Pro™
Flexible Expandable Configuration
  • Dedicated environment - fully scalable
  • On-site coaching support during implementation
Functionality: Contract Administration, Obligation Management, Invoice & Service Level Validation, Document Management and Contract Lifecycle Management

Optional Professional Services (pricing available upon request)

Project Services
  • VMO Process Design & Reengineering
  • Invoice Forensics
  • Invoice and Service Level Automation
  • 3rd Party Risk Framework Design & Reengineering
  • Tier 1 Contract Lifecycle Management Support
Monthly Services
  • Basic Delivery Support (Contract Admin)
  • Tier 2&3 Contract Lifecycle Support
  • Tier 1 Performance, Financial & Relationship Support
  • 3rd Party Risk Management Support
  • Program & Project Management Support

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