Outsourcing Consulting

Alsbridge advises on over $5B annually in enterprise outsourcing spend, and our team is actively consulting on 20 to 25 outsource relationships at any given point in time. Clients benefit from more than 350,000 real-time market insight data points. Not a single one of the outsource relationships we've helped establish has ended adversely before term and the ROI on our outsourcing consulting engagements typically ranges from 10 to 24 times our fees.

Network Consulting

Alsbridge is the #1 network consulting firm in the world by transaction volume. We average 100+ full network sourcing engagements per year plus approximately 50 ancillary engagements. Alsbridge placed over $1B in telecom contract value in 2012, and our team is actively negotiating 25-40 engagements at any given point in time. Over the last 350 projects, we have helped clients achieve savings of up to 52% (average of 27%) on their annual network spend.

"We knew we were not paying market price [for telecom services], but we didn't have the internal resources or time to research the market and review all contract tariffs... Their knowledge and efforts helped us obtain lower-than-market prices, saving $2.2 million yearly versus our annual spend."
– Executive, Fortune 500 Beverage company