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Proven and Repeatable Process

Our process is proven and adaptable to your unique industry needs. Applied properly, our process is up to 40% faster than going through the process alone.

Contracts and Deals Database

Extensive database of over 400 providers supplies key data points and industry knowledge for each type of deal.

Vertical Industry Expertise

We have extensive experience and knowledge about your industry issues. Our methodology transfers across vertical industry boundaries, and because we work with such a broad range of businesses and industries, our expertise runs wide and deep.

Functional Expertise

Our experts have functional expertise in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), Finance and Accounting (F&A), Human Resources (HR), and other major operating functions.


Our process is proven and adaptable to your needs. We utilize our trademarked collaborative technique, Sourcing Alignment System (SAS™) sessions, to assist you in developing your sourcing strategy.

Our consultants help you with:

  • Goals and scope shared by your management team
  • Communicate with providers and assess the best cultural fit
  • Solution and transition process
If your procurement policies or regulatory environment require it, our consultants may recommend a more traditional sourcing, non-collaborative approach.


  • Pricing benchmarks using our market defining ProBenchmark™ toolset
  • Operational benchmarks to determine if you are using best practices
  • Relationship benchmarks to develop a sustainable foundation for your sourcing relationship
  • Contract benchmarks to assess if you are within industry parameters

"Alsbridge brings experience and independent challenge to the strategic decision and business case development process that is invaluable to any senior leadership team." – CFO, Fortune 500 Oil & Gas company